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We provide 24/7 Phone Support for our customers and we would love to help! Please give us a call at:
so we can assist you in getting your problem resolved!

If you have been instructed to join a live Remote Support Session please click the link below!

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Internet Slowness

Step 1: Find power supply (may look different from video bUT should have maxwire sticker)
Step 2: unplug power supply, wait 30 seconds or until lights on unit are off
step 3: Plug in power supply, light(s) should come back on
step 4: Find router (may look different from video and should have maxwire sticker)
step 5: unplug router, wait 30 seconds, no lights should be on
step 6: plug in router, Lights should come back on, wait 5 min for full reboot process to complete
step 7: go to to run a speed test and submit your results on your customer portal

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Sending Large Files

Email has been used to send files back and forth for a long time. Even though email was not originally meant as a medium for doing this, the need created the demand to do so. Most people send files this way and for the most part it works great.
But what about these monster sized files that our email client spits back at us? In these cases email alone just doesn't cut it. Below are services and software that meet this need in their own unique ways. As with most of the stuff we recommend they all have a free version that many times is sufficient for most users. (link is external)
Use for free and no registration required (up to 300MB). Great for occasional use. (link is external)
One of the most well know services. Send up to 100MB for free right from their home page with no registration required.. (link is external)
Send up to 1GB size files. Must register to use service. Free and paid plans. Windows and Mac software to make uploading files easier.

* Maxwire Wireless Internet does not provide these services and cannot provide technical support in their use. *

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Setting up Wifi

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To set personal settings on your router, please follow these simple steps!*

1) Go to and you will see this login page:

2) Your Login information will be:

       - Username: wifi
       - Password : wifi

3) Once logged in, you will see one of the following pages:

4) You will now name your wireless network and set up your personal password. When it's complete, click APPLY.
       a) Parental Control is an option that may be available in the future.

5) The "Health" tab shows a simple view of devices connected and using the Wifi.

6) Feel free to give our Customer Service Team a call with any questions @ (815)692.6341!

*All types of routers may not work with this new system