During these uncertain times, it is critical that our area students maintain continuity in their education. The migration to remote learning is a wonderful opportunity to do just that for many of those students. Maxwire recognizes that not all student households are created equally and that some student households may have experienced hardships that limit their access to this great digital opportunity. We have committed to doing our part in the community in assisting those students in gaining that access to this opportunity wherever we are able to.
We have partnered with the school district to offer identified student families no cost connectivity to school district resources so that they may continue with their classmates in obtaining the education required for future success.
We have dedicated component resources on our network to connect student homes to the school district resources. We will provide that connection as well as the WiFi needed to connect school provided hardware within the student home. The school district will manage which internet resources the students will have access to in line with their district technology policies.
- Prairie Central Policies
          o Access is enabled 7 AM to 10 PM, 7 days per week
          o Appropriate content filtering for education
          o Non education streaming video such as Netflix is restricted per school policy
          o SMTP/SMTPS is blocked to prevent spam
         o Student AUP available: HERE
            All students grade 2 and up have signed this at time of school registration.

Maxwire will obtain the student family identifying information only after the school district has obtained permission to provide this information to us. Upon receipt of the address, Maxwire will utilize propagation tools to make a feasibility determination of whether the address is serviceable. We will take reasonable actions to attempt to provide access for as many identified households as we are able to. However, as a Wireless Service Provider, there may be addresses we simply are unable to gain reliable access to.
Upon determination of feasibility, Maxwire will reach out to the student family contact, identified by the school district, to make arrangements to install service on the property. IF this is a rental property, Student Family will need to provide documentation of landlord permission to install service should any alteration or structural penetration be required.

Upon arrival, a Maxwire professional service technician will identify the ideal location for installation of the outdoor equipment. Many of these installations, as they are temporary for the school year, will be on a post driven into the ground , with the communication equipment attached. A cable will be attached to the communication equipment and run to the home. This cable will terminate at an outdoor surge suppressor enclosure near the point of entry to the home. At this point, the outdoor type cable will transition to interior cable for entry into the home.

- Zero Contact COVID installation – During this time of heightened safety considerations, Maxwire technicians will be unable to enter any dwelling. Maxwire technicians will also be unable to maintain any extended contact within six feet of other persons. The technician will not be able to make any physical contact, including a greeting handshake. This is to maintain the safety of both staff and the community.
- The interior cable will enter the resident home in one of two ways.
             o Technician will drill a minimum ½ inch diameter hole through an exterior wall to an interior room. This hole will be sufficient to pass a terminated communication cable. The hole will be sealed with flexible mastic.
        o Through a window. Maxwire will provide a protective cable entry component as well as two (top window sash/bottom window sash) foam type seal. The technician will request that the resident open the interior window sash as well as storm window, if present. Staff will request that customer step back, a minimum of six feet from the open window. The technician will place the bottom seal and cable entry component in the window sill and place the top seal into the interior room, through the open window. The technician will step back, a minimum of six feet and instruct the resident to close the window onto the seal. Staff will then provide instruction for placing the top seal in place. It is recommended, for security purposes that the resident place a block in the window to make it so the window cannot be opened from the outside.

- Maxwire will provide a pre-configured wireless router and its power supply, the outdoor equipment power supply, a network patch cord, upon request, and a power strip upon request.
o Maxwire staff will place interior cable into home through one of the two above listed methods.
o Maxwire staff will provide verbal instruction on connecting and powering the provided equipment.
o Maxwire staff will verify access to the wireless router and connectivity to the school district network.
o Maxwire staff will provide instruction for student access to the provided equipment.

When the school year comes to an end, Maxwire will make arrangements for recovery of interior equipment with the resident. Maxwire may arrive to recover exterior equipment at any time after the end of the school year. If the student family would like to continue general internet service with Maxwire, please make contact with Customer Service at 815.692.6341 prior to recovery of equipment.

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