My connection seems slow to me, how do I verify this?

The following steps are necessary to check to see if your percieved slowness is due to your connection to our network, or an internal issue you can resolve yourself. 

  • Step 1. Locate all Maxwire indoor equipment. You should have a Maxwire-owned or personal router and an indoor power supply for your outside antenna. To help figure out what this power supply is, it should have a small sticker on it that denotes Maxwire on it. Also, it should have an internet cable connected to the router in the “Internet” or “WAN” port so tracing this cable with your finger should lead you to the power supply as well.
  • Step 2. Power off any secondary networking devices such as wireless routers, additional switches or hubs. If any of these devices are connected into the router, disconnect them at this time. 
  • Step 3. Power down all PCs, desktop or laptop, as well as any internet connected gaming consoles in your home. 
  • Step 4. Make sure that the PC or laptop you are going to test from is directly connected to the router via an internet cable (this looks like a heavier telephone cord with a larger end).
  • Step 5. First, remove power from the power supply powering up the outside equipment. You can do this by unplugging the power cable from the outlet it is connecting to. Any lights you see on the power supply should be off once you do this. Please wait 30 seconds to 1 minute and then restore power to the power supply by re-plugging the cord into the outlet.  
  • Step 6. There is a black power cord plugged into the back of the router. Unplug that, wait 10 seconds and plug that back in. Usually, the router will go through a reboot process which includes the lights on the unit to start flashing. Please wait 5 minutes after powering the router back up to try the internet again so the reboot process will be completed. 
  • Step 7. Power on the PC or laptop you are testing with. Make sure There are no applications running that make connection to the internet, this includes email,software updates, music downloads, streaming video/audio etc. 
  • Step 8. Please run the speed test below and fill in the form with the results.
Speed Test requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

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